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"Hulle almal is mos met die maan gepla."

Maanlig Media is an Afrikaans non-profit student production company working in association with CityVarsity.
We are currently studying a BA Degree in Film and Television Production at CityVarsity in Cape Town.

We aspire to work together and learn from industry professionals while producing content to the best of our ability. 
We like to deliver most of our work to audiences in Afrikaans or media that is inspired by Afrikaans individuals.
We would ultimately like to challenge the Afrikaans audiences with new and thought provoking ideas in experimental films.
Challenging boundaries of genre in Afrikaans cinema with narrative work is also very important to us.
We would also like to explore the art of adaptation and understanding how we can deliver narratives that has been adapted from beloved Afrikaans literature.

"We can always do the impossible but Miracles take a bit longer..."

Heard on set: Good Omens, Cesco Reidy 


Nadia Tromp


I’m a strong believer in creating quality visual storytelling through cultivating a culture of collaboration, dedication and passion within my projects.  That is the culture that we strive to create at Maanlig Media. I am devoted to build a crew that is dedicated and passionate about the Afrikaans film industry. In order for my team and I to grow as filmmakers, I believe to collaborate with industry professionals to bring our stories to life.

As a young producer I am described by my mentors and fellow film students as being very driven and hard working. I believe that my partner, Anlia, and I make a good team and have collaborated successfully in numerous projects. My ultimate goal as a producer is to orchestrate an ideal creative environment for my director and crew during the whole production process.

I hope to grow as a producer and one day be part of projects that not only deliver narrative work but also projects that uses different types of storytelling to convey a meaningful message that will inspire audiences.

Some of my influences include:

Sketch book studios:

  •  I admire their high energy and performance based approach to film making as well as the authentic identity they have created with their work.



Hillsong Film and Tv: 

  • Hillsong Film and Tv strive to build up the community they are in through documentary film making by telling real human stories. They also uphold a high quality while they tell inspirational stories with clear messages.

Anlia Nefdt


As a young aspiring filmmaker I believe that with practice we become better at what we do. Therefore I believe that we should embark on making as many practical projects as  possible and that is why we started this production company. Since we are students we need the public and industry professional’s support in making these films; so that we can become better filmmakers and one day be able to teach and inspire a new generation of South African filmmakers. As a team we love making films and we try our best to deliver films in the best production quality that we can achieve.

I am a very passionate filmmaker and I am known for my ambition. I have to credit my personal influences and my producing partner for keeping me grounded.  

Personally I believe that Afrikaans theater and literature have a strong influence in the Afrikaans film industry. I believe that if we embrace this fact that Afrikaans cinema would uphold an identity on its own. Therefore I like to draw inspiration from literature and plays and I would like to learn more about the art of acting and how to use it to its full potential in cinema. I personally also like to experiment with visual storytelling and the real challenge is to combine the visual storytelling with the art of good acting. I therefore like to study it and hopefully some day understand how to use it to its full potential.

Some of my Afrikaans influences: Jacques Bessenger, Reza De Wet, Christiaan Olwagen and Katinka Heyns.


Cilliers Human

Cilliers is a passionate Afrikaans filmmaker that hails from Bellville, Cape Town. He has an exciting career of high school theatre behind him and would eventually want to become a mainstream producer in Afrikaans Cinema. Cilliers is a man of many talents and also enjoys filming things with very impressive cine cameras. He likes working with light to create beautiful images.
Cilliers is also currently associated with Southern Strange Studios.

Jité Kloppers

Jité is an unique and extremely passionate Afrikaans film editor.  She is a bottle of energy and always sees if there is a plan that can be made to save a director’s bruised soul. She ultimately always saves the day with her editing skills and her charisma.

Jonathan Endres

Jonathan is the proud co-owner of his own production company. He has produced many successful films in association with City Varsity. Jonathan strives for success in every project that he is part of. Once he is part of a project he is truly committed and passionate about it.

Amy Anderson

If there is one thing that can be said about Amy is that she is a powerhouse of a woman. Hardworking, smart, strong and passionate, nothing can stand in this girl’s way as she is paving her road into the film industry. Amy is a renowned producer and sought after camera woman, because if there is anybody that can do a handheld shot with a 8kg camera without any support, it is Amy.

Celine Pichard

Celine is a very talented and driven woman. She has produced many successful films for CityVarsity as well as edited some amazing films. Celine has an amazing eye for colour grading and can fix any and all things that might have been left behind on the flat footage. If there is anybody that can make a picture look pretty it is Celine.

Katia Nunes

Katia is a quiet soul that has the talent to produce cinematography to the likes of any arthouse film director. Her compositions are stylistic and honest and we can enter the world that she creates. Katia has the unique ability to shoot with the editor in mind, since she too has an amazing talent to edit.

Kyra Copley

Kyra has the amazing ability to simplify and logically sort out an edit. Her frightfully calm demeaner in the edit suite leads to productions being edited, swiftly and beautifully. Kyra always stays true to the story and is very honest in what is truly a good idea in the edit. This makes her one of the best editors among her peers. One thing is known, when Kyra edits, she is always right.

Leon Laubscher
Sound Design

Leon is known as the Sound Guy. He is passionate about sound and knows a lot about it. He is confident and always stays true to the production in terms of the sound design. He is also a very talented studio sound recordist and can deliver astounding mixes. If you need somebody to tell you how many sounds are present in a room, Leon can most certainly give you the answer.

Liam Cockcraft
1st  AC/Grip/Gaffer

Liam is a talented cinematographer and has assisted on all of Maanlig Media’s productions. He is a genious when it comes to troubleshooting any technological problem. Liam is the life of the set and always enjoys all things beautiful.  

Joshua Daniel Hubbard

Josh is always up to be part of something different. He loves to experiment with images to create something beautiful. Josh loves a challenge and always take a logical approach to solving problems. He is a favorite to have on any crew.