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Dis Al.

When someone close to him dies, a man discovers what life truly is. 

Dis Al. is an Afrikaans 1 minute experimental film inspired by Jan FE Celliers’s poem with the same name.

The Production Team:

Producer: Nadia Tromp
Writer and Director: Anlia Nefdt
Cinematographer: Katia Nunes
Editor: Jité Kloppers


A writer loves his nightmarish story about a woman who is trapped in misery, but when a young woman reads it, she rewrites the woman’s misery into victory.

Vreesloos is a 12 minute Afrikaans experimental film, routed in themes of feminism.

The film explores symbolic imagery to convey the story, some of the elements are very subtle and others are very noticeable. The nature of this film is to inspire questions and thoughts. It gave us as students a chance to explore our own thoughts and values as well as develop our filmmaking skills. Experimental work is necessary for filmmakers to make, so that we can understand our craft and ourselves. It is easy to fall in love with an experiment, and it is also easy to hate it when it blows up in your face, that is how we learn and that is why we made this film. Luckily nothing blew up, but we did learn some valuable lessons.

The Production team:

Producer: Nadia Tromp
Associate Producer: Jonothan Endres
Writer and Director: Anlia Nefdt
Cinematographer: Cilliers Human
Editor: Celine Pichard
Sound Designer: Leon Laubscher

Samantha is a documentary following the story of Sam Marais an inspiring young performer, staying true to who he is.

Sam can only be described as one of a kind. This 12 minute documentary explores his life as an actor and yoga instructor by day, and his life as a drag performer by night.

Parts of this documentary has been shown at Beefcakes Cape Town.

The Production Team:

Producer: Jonothan Endres
Director: Anlia Nefdt
Cinematographer: Amy Anderson
Editor: Kyra Copley

Serenade is an abstract music video in the lieder genre, made in collaboration with a classical music group known as The Trio. The story follows a young maiden running away from death, but eventually succumbs to the dark charms of death.

 This production was the last production that CityVarsity students have to deliver for second year. It is proven that passionate filmmakers can still deliver decent work when low on energy and funds.

The Trio has performed this song as a project at UCT and plays together regularly.

The Trio:
Singer: Emma Swanepoel
Piano: Estelle Roux
Viola: Osamu Nkada

The Production Team:

Producer: Amy Anderson
Director: Anlia Nefdt
Cinematographer: Cilliers Human
Editor: Celine Pichard
Sound Recording: Leon Laubscher